How long do the sessions last?

The actual treatment lasts from 3 to 10 minutes per area, depending on which area we are treating and the size of your pet.   Session times are usually no longer than 30 minutes depending on how many areas are being treated.  

How many sessions are usually needed to see a response?

The time it takes to note a response depends on how long the condition has been present, what level of repair is needed and how your individual pet responds to laser therapy. We base our recommendations on number of sessions needed on their condition and response to treatments.

What is the schedule for laser treatments?

We group conditions into two categories: Acute and Chronic

Acute conditions we treat to resolution beginning with every day to every other day treatments.

Chronic conditions we divide the treatment schedule into three phases: Induction, Transition and Maintenance.

  • Induction is the period where we treat damaged tissue aggressively, typically every 2-3 days until a clinical response is noted. This phase usually takes 6-10 treatment sessions.
  • Transition phase allows us to gradually wean pets to a lower frequency and a decreased number of treatments. This phase can involve once to twice a week sessions or fewer depending on your pet’s response.
  • Maintenance treatments are on an as-needed basis to preserve and sustain the response we achieved during previous treatments.

What are the charges for Laser Therapy?

  • There is a $35 Initial Consult Fee for the first visit
  • Laser treatment sessions range from $80-$135 per session depending on distance to your house.  This includes 1- 6 areas being treated.  There is an additional fee of $25 for more than 6 areas to be treated.  
  • Additional pets being treated are also $25.  

How do pets respond to Laser Therapy?

Animals generally accept laser treatment very well as a matter of fact, relaxation is the usual response!

Will my pet require sedation or anesthetic?

We do not sedate pets for laser therapy. Most pets enjoy the process and once familiar with the process are very willing patients!

Can lasers cause damage or injury?

Therapeutic laser is very safe and exposes your pet to no deleterious side effects. We do utilize special protective goggles for all humans during therapy sessions as the infra-red wavelength is potentially damaging to the retina of the eye. Patients’ eyes are covered or averted during the sessions.

Are there any conditions where laser therapy is not utilized?

Due to its ability to increase blood flow to target areas, we currently do not advise using laser therapy in cases of cancer/neoplasia or active hemorrhage. However, there are cases of cancer where the pain and anti-inflammatory benefits of laser outweigh the concern of worsening the actual tumor growth. We will also decrease the frequency applied in pets on sun-sensitive medications.