What is HEAL?

HEAL is a mobile veterinary service that brings the therapeutic benefits of Class IV laser technology to pets in their home, office or veterinary clinic.



Our Mission

There are so many different pain relief choices available today and making decisions can be overwhelming.  In many situations it can be a balancing act between multiple conditions, side effects and what our animal companions can tolerate.  Laser therapy offers a new and non-invasive option for pets who may have hit a plateau or are non-responsive to pain medications or other therapies.

 Our mission at HEAL is to…

  • expand the number of pets who can benefit from laser therapy
  • make more people aware of this option along with other alternative therapies
  • offer additional options in more complicated cases
  • provide a new and non-invasive option for pain management
  • offer services in a safe and non-stressful environment for the pet


How Laser Therapy Works

When a laser light beam is directed at damaged tissue, the photons in the beam are absorbed by cells within the tissue.  Structures within these cells communicate the message to increase production of cellular energy which provides the damaged cells with the fuel and tools necessary to accelerate the repair process. This enables a much faster and more efficient return to normal function.

Laser Therapy has been used for over 40 years in human medicine and has recently entered the veterinary field. Treatments alleviate pain, reduce inflammation and accelerate healing.  Light energy also initiates a number of biologic processes in the body including serotonin and endorphin release, increased blood flow to the affected area and a reduction of the inflammatory process.

Companion Therapy Laser In Action